Baby TV

Monday last week, we had an appointment to watch our little one in real time in my belly in 3D. It was very exciting and a little nerve racking since the doctor also checked if there are any problems regarding the development and organs of the baby. As soon as I saw the little one on the big screen I was fascinated and in love. Every time we were able to watch it in 3D I checked the face, feet and hands. It is so cute. I mean although we were able to see it in 3D I could not really imagine how it looks like. You see a baby but the outlines are still a little blurry. Still you get a great impression. Our little one had its hands in front of the face so it was difficult to see the face. The doctor tried his best, poking my belly and pushing really deep into my belly that it hurt and a tiny tear developed in my right eye because of the pain but I just tried to stick with and enjoy the wonderful moment. Due to all the excitement the little one got hiccups for the first. Too cute. The doctor declared that it is a girl and everything is fine with her. We were so relieved and happy. D. had said to me some days before that he feels more like a girl’s dad which I find very lovely. I do not have any preferences. I take it as it is and a girl is just as wonderful as a boy. I just want our little one to be healthy and happy. It is exciting and still scary. At times I am a little afraid of the huge responsibility but at the same time I feel that I can do it, that we can do it. I am curious and excited about how D. and I will grow as a team.


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