Taking criticism

I find myself feeling very uncomfortable and having the tendency to defend myself and “barking back” as soon as someone is criticizing me. It is very difficult for me to just take it and admit that I am making mistakes or am not always acting perfectly and have my weaknesses. It was very hard for me some time ago but I got more aware of the fact that the louder and aggressively I used to bark back the more I felt caught and tried to squirm free of it. Today, I managed to just take the criticism and accepting and agreeing to it. It was difficult and at some points it hurt and I even felt the urge to shout back and make the other person see that she does the same sometimes but I swallowed it because it was not about the other person. It was about me and it was good to have her holding a mirror in front of my face. I do a lot of self-reflecting but it is different to have someone tell you about how you appear to the outside world. It makes it more real and more intense and therefore even forces you to open your eyes and confront yourself. Thank you for this lesson!


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