Slow but quick changes

I remember when I saw the two stripes on the pregnancy test and thought, “Ok, I am actually pregnant. It works.” I was happy, surprised, confused, worried at the same time. My thoughts were racing around all the things that would change.
Now, I am still a little worried in some tiny moments but most of all I am excited and happy to have a man on my side who will support me as much as he can that is for sure. He has proven it already.

The most beautiful moments are those when I feel the baby move, when she pushes my bladder, shows me her knee, hands and feet through the belly. She got quite powerful. The first time there was just a hint of a push which I could rarely feel in May, then I felt like someone was nudging me from inside twice in June or July and now you can see the surface of my belly jump from time to time because she loves to kick me. Since yesterday or even the day before I felt her deep down which was new to me and today my doctor confirmed that she is already with her head down. It might change again though.

I am excited about how she will look like and how she will be. Right now, she is quite fond of food and gets active as soon as I sit or lay still. It is beautiful to wake up in the morning and feel her first movement for the day as though we are waking up together. Right now, that I am writing these lines I get some very soft kicks from her. I sometimes just want to put my arms around my belly and kiss her endlessly. I never thought I could feel so much love although she is still in my belly and we have not even met in person yet. What an experience!


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