Growing Baby

It is amazing how time flies. But I am not complaining because I enjoy every little moment with this baby in me. She has taught me so many things and has made me grow so much already. I am looking forward to meet her, to be able to snuggle and kiss her.

Her movements have changed a lot during the time I first felt her move until now. The first time I felt her I was at work listening to Hawaiian music over my headphones and translating some text. All of a sudden, there was this hint of a movement which felt like a gas bubble but not quite. And there it happened a second time at the same spot. Some kind of warmth filled my body and I caught myself smiling and feeling love. Then my brain set in and I was not quite sure if I had just mistaken gases for her first movements. I am quite sure by now that it was her. Her movements felt a little stronger after a while. I did not feel them regularly at first. I never had this butterfly kind of feeling that is often described. Right from the beginning it felt like someone poking me – very light at first but getting stronger gradually. Her movements reached a climax in September regarding the speed and strength. Sometimes it felt as if she quickly kicked one foot after the other like quickly stomping. Then there are kicks which make my whole body shake. Since two or three days her movements are still strong but got way slower like in slow motion. Sometimes she pokes out her butt or a knee or foot. I feel her head and arms move in my pelvis although my belly has still not sunken yet. Once in a while it feels like she is making some bubbles which I feel in my pelvis. This is something I cannot grasp but it tickles and is just sweet.

She likes to punch back when her space gets limited, e.g. when her daddy pushes his nose into the belly or when I have my hand on my belly. She seems to react to our touch a lot. She often gets hiccups when I drink or eat something. At first I thought that she is kicking me but I figured that she cannot have that much sense of rhythm at least not for such a long period of time.

Three weeks ago I went to my doctor with my hubby. She did an ultrasound so we could see the baby again. There was a moment when we saw her head and part of her breast. I felt her move all of a sudden and on the screen appeared her little foot in front of her mouth. This was hilarious. I could hardly believe my eyes. We all had a good laugh.



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