What do I need more of in my life?

That is a difficult question for me. Things have changed a lot during this past year so I have to differentiate between what I needed months ago and what I need now.

I think it is still the same. I need more love for myself. I want to love and accept the person I am. Therefore, I need to be more patient with myself. Yes, I think that sums it all up.

Positive things that have happened to me throughout the day:

– I went to prenatal yoga which always makes me calm down and feel less stressed in general
– I was happy to feed my hubby’s coworkers with healthy desserts which I made from the new cookbook Crazy Sexy Kitchen
– I managed the second day of meditation with Deepak, I mean it is not that difficult but I need to take time to think and read about it first, I feel how full of thoughts I am although I have definitely got calmer during the last months
– I took a walk after my yoga class and bought some things in preparation for the upcoming birth, the sun came out once in a while and I just loved to walk in this chilly autumn weather with all the warm colors and brisk air
– waking up with my hubby every morning and cuddling every night
– going to the movies to watch the new James Bond movie, loved it, we went there with my hubby’s coworkers and there are a funny, hilarious bunch
– talking to my sister on the phone knowing she is doing well and asking me for some vegan dessert options to bring to a dinner with her friends


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