Changes and Vision

What do I want to be changed in my life and how do I envision it?

– I wish I was more self-loving, confident, self-accepting, positive-thinking
– I want to accept and respect myself for who I am, I want to feel and know that the way I am I am totally fine. I want to think more positively, being more conscious about the things I have and can be grateful for, I want to see the glass as being half-full, I want to be more confident and try out things so I can find my purpose, my way in life

Positive moments:

– saying good morning to my baby by stroking my belly and feeling her answer, enjoying and yearning for her every move throughout the day, even if it hurts underneath my ribs
– having an appointment with a new hairdresser tomorrow
– I am thankful for this meditation challenge since it makes it so easy for me to put my thoughts out into this world on my blog
– falling leaves
– leaves running uphill
– I smiled at a little old lady and she smiled back at me, she was so cute
– being able to eat, cook, and live as healthily as possible
– trying to make raw brownies from MImi Kirk
– enjoying our Wednesday evenings with my hubby, seeing him enjoy our daughter’s movements and feeling her reacting to his touch, she wobbled around in my belly, so amazing how they both interacted
– putting a smile on my granny”s face by sending her a letter with a copy of the 3-D pics of our little one, so lovely
– talking to my sister and my friend who just moved to Munich


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