Passion and Life

One situation I’d like to change.
– Since I graduated from university, i have been on a search for the perfect job/task and for ways to finally live abroad (my dream has always been the US). Regarding jobs I have tried almost everything I thought might fit in a way. Project management, training as a chef, baking cakes in a little café, going back into the office first as office manager then as executive assistant, then working as a freelancer to perfect processes in different areas. I left all those opportunities because either they did not fulfill me and/or I let them use me to a point I did not want to handle it anymore and left.

My intention.
– I want to find a job/task that I am passionate about, that lets me go/move to other countries (US, Hawai’i would be my first choice), that fulfills me, where I even might be my own boss, a job I can live from, that lets me grow further, and makes me come home with a smile on my face and I do not want to be/feel used anymore, I want to get back what I give and I have a lot to give. Perhaps something with nutrition, well-being, yoga or even a combination of all of it.

I could envision myself teaching people about food, nutrition, cooking, and at the same time including physical activities that help nourish the body and the mind. I envision myself with my family being on Hawai’i (Big Island) watching the sunset from our home where we have wonderful people coming to stay with us and being taught a holistic healthy lifestyle. This I feel in the depths of my heart and my self is something I am passionate about.

Positive moments:

– I smiled thinking about my wonderful future; painting a vision of how the future I dream of looks like
– feeling deep love for my husband; who is the most wonderful and caring person; who has helped and supported me for over two years to get us to where we are now
– touching and smiling at my growing belly and enjoying the feeling of having my baby inside
– more test-baking for Laurie; extremely delicious tartes! Looking forward to try more as long as I have the time
– enjoying a nice walk, talk and dinner with my husband


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