Discover the Seeds

Consider a situation that feels like a failure or a setback.

1. situation

– I considered not finishing my training as becoming a chef as a huge failure at the time I quit but it was necessary because I could not handle it psychologically anymore. I felt trapped, used and as a looser.

From that perspective, try to identify opportunities that could put you on the path to success. Write down the steps you can take to make your vision a reality.

– I still do not want to close this path because I have a feeling nutrition/cooking is a passion within me.  I just need to look around and take several options into consideration and try out some things. I have been thinking about doing a class about holistic nutrition counseling. I will go to an information event on Wednesday to find out more about it. I am also considering to see a nutritionist to get a better understanding about their job and perhaps talk about some possibilities. But one step at a time.

2. situation

– I am a very sensitive and emotional person. If a situation is stressful it totally takes over my body. I had a situation in the supermarket where a little girl was totally annoying, perhaps she was tired and hungry and her voice just killed me. I was getting really upset and felt my pulse getting high. I do not like if that happens because there will be a little girl in my life soon and she will test me endlessly.

– To lead this situation to success, I could try to stay focussed and watch the situation from outside to not let it take over my emotions. I sometimes manage to do that and it really helps not to get drawn in.

Positive moments on Saturday:

– having time to talk with my husband
– a visit from my sister; we had a wonderful talk and time
– making dinner for my husband and my sister; I always love their reactions regarding the food I make; it makes me smile
– doing errands with my husband; it is much more fun to run around, get all the stuff and at the same time enjoying his presence; it feels like combining something that needs to be done with fun


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