Everyday miracle

Envision an everyday miracle you’d like to have happen in your life. Consider your circumstances as they are now and how you’d like them to be.

– I want to wake up with a smile every morning. There was a time when that used to happen but it got lost somewhere on the way. My current circumstances make it happen way more often. I want my smiles to come from my satisfaction inside of me. I want to see all the beautiful colours of life surrounding me. I want to wake up with a feeling of peace and satisfaction.

Paying attention to your body, notice how you feel when you think about your current circumstances and when you focus on your dreams.

– Looking at my current circumstances I feel a mix of joy, curiosity, nervousness and sadness. When I focus on my dreams, I feel very light, joyful, filled with warmth, safety, energy (I want to get moving and make them come true). I also feel impatient, I want them to come true now, in this moment so I need to calm myself and be patient in order to not overlook another opportunity that might show up.

Positive moments Sunday:

– Cleaning the apartment; I never liked to clean up but for some time now I like how it feel if things are in their place and the rooms are emptied of all kinds of trash. This is a very new transition to me.
– I had a moment shortly before our friends arrived when I thought that there was not enough cake to offer so I managed to try a new recipe (Jelly Donut Cupcakes) from Veganomicon which was delicious and I felt so proud because I changed the recipe to my liking and put on a wonderful frosting from the Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook. I felt so proud that I am able to just adapt a recipe and make it in no time. It makes me feel so self-confident and gives me so much pleasure.
– Having our friends at our place with their little girl who made us smile and laugh. We said goodbye knowing next time we meet we will have our little girl with us. That filled me with excitement.
– Having a caring and understanding husband.




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