First week of Meditation

Reflect on the transformations you’ve experienced so far. What shifts have you noticed in your life?

– Every time I meditate in the morning or throughout the day I feel more at peace it myself and life in general. I am more patient. I am more aware of my reactions and much calmer. I see the positive things even in annoying moments and I am able to laugh about them because they seem rather funny than annoying or bad. I am more forgiving I’d say. I take difficult moments less personal. Over the weekend I did not find, well I did not take the time, to meditate and rest. All of a sudden I felt less connected to myself. I got annoyed by a little child and all the noise around me. I lost my focus. I also tried to force and push more instead of stepping back and watching and letting go.

How have you cultivated a greater sense of gratitude for the abundance you currently enjoy?

– Absolutely. I see and experience so many beautiful things throughout the day and to note down these moments every day clearly helps me to be aware of them each and every day. It helps me to stay in the moment instead of worrying and thinking too much about the past and the future. Writing a kind of diary of positive moments is a perfect tool for me and is something I would like to keep up.


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