My dream

What do I want?

– I want to find a task/job I am compassionate about. I want to help people and make them feel good because this makes me feel happy as well. I want to help people living a healthy life. Being healthy in mind and body is very important therefore I am thinking about giving nutrition advice and teaching yoga and giving massages. I would love to combine all these aspects in one facility where people come to relax, get informed and feel at home. I dream about owning a retreat on Hawai’i with a wonderful view on the ocean, in the perfect climate (warm/a little humid), with beautiful plants/nature, away from tourist actions. There are simple but relaxing rooms with enough privacy for every guest. I create healthy meals which we all cook together. I give yoga classes with meditation included and offer massages. If I cannot handle it on my own, there are enough perfectly trained, honest people who will support me. I dream of this place as a place for mental peace, honesty, love, happiness and joy. It is the place where I feel and am safe surrounded by my husband and children.

Positive moments:

– sold a sweet armchair and made some people happy with it
– getting my health back bit by bit
– meeting my loved ones
– looking forward to having my husband around all weekend
– dreaming of a bright future while enjoying the present times as well
– feeling my little one move and react to my touches
– being thankful for yesterday’s and Tuesday’s yoga sessions, the massage on Wednesday
– being glad that I attended an information seminar although I need to look further for another opportunity; but at least I felt and know now that it is not the right place for me; I will take more time to do some research and perhaps something comes up naturally that fits perfectly
– eating cake and drinking hot salted caramel chocolate; yum!


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