My talents

Make a list of your unique talents and ask yourself how you can best use those gifts to serve the world.

– Cooking skills: I love cooking and especially trying new recipes. I have developed a feeling or an intuition over the years of what works and what does not. It makes me feel happy to cook for people and to make them enjoy the food and simultaneously make them happy and healthy.

– Baking skills: Baking is another passion. I used to bake the “normal” buttery, sugary cakes, pies, cookies, etc. but over the years I have learned more about healthier versions and I am trying to further improve those. If I want to eat something sweet, at least let it be as healthy as possible.

Side note: My passion for healthy cooking and baking is mainly influenced by my diagnosis of Hashimoto Thyreoiditis. Since my diagnosis I have noticed that food has an enormous impact on my body and mental health. I mainly eat vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free food because it does not make me feel tired and does not cause this mental fog which used to be very strong.

– I love having guests. It makes me happy to make them feel home and relax and to put a smile on their faces.

– i am a good listener but I also like to talk a lot.

– I am a perfectionist, in the way that I like to improve processes. It starts with recipes, certain structures in offices, at home, etc. It is not something I consciously think about, my mind just works like that. It makes me feel organized and makes me work effectively so everything runs smoothly.

– I am creative, and flexible. I love to draw because it puts me in a lovely, meditative mental state. I have drawn since I was a little child. I love beautiful photos, drawings, paintings, views, all things visual. I am flexible because I can quite easily adapt to new, changing situations.

– I am an active person who loves sports like jogging, yoga, swimming, biking, hiking, climbing.

If I put it all together, the best way for me to serve the world is a little retreat with focus on food, health, relaxation, activity. The more I think about it the more my heart jumps out of happiness. It seems to be the best way for me to combine all my unique talents and at the same time do something good for the world.

Positive moments – weekend:
– Having great laughs and cuddly moments with my husband; I am so thankful that our ways met. He is one of the greatest gifts in my life.
– Feeling the little one respond to touches and even thoughts. It was so lovely when I asked her mentally if she was awake and if everything was fine, she answered by pushing her foot out of my belly.
– Meeting a friend for lunch.
– Enjoying wonderful food and cakes.
– Reading a new cookbook.
– Getting final things done for the baby’s arrival. It always feels good to cross things of the list.


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