Witnessing the Connections

Explore experiences of synchrodestiny in your own life. Make a list of recent coincidences that you’ve had.

– Since I love to try new recipes there was this coincidence that I got to do some test baking for a blogger who will release a cookbook next January and it was so much fun because I got to do what I love (baking) and at the same time I was able to help her. It felt so good.

– I always wanted to find a yoga practice that I would actually like. And now I am taking two prenatal yoga classes every week. I am very happy that I can still be active.

– I have been thinking of continuing to practice yoga after my pregnancy and perhaps start teaching yoga. Today I found an email in my inbox which offered a yoga teacher training and this special training would also be accepted in the USA! And it is inspired by Anusara Yoga which I am very curious about and which I would love to try.

– i am trying to eat vegan and gluten-free and a friend sent me a link of a website that is specializing in vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free foods, books, travels, etc.

It is amazing. It seems as if I am getting inspirations from different angles and I appreciate them. I have noticed as well that I am not trying to force something. I just have this picture in my head and trust that it will be fulfilled.
Positive moments:

– I smiled at a woman and she smiled back at me.
– The weather is grey but I still love it. It feels cold, a little wet, but the air is fresh and I like to feel the cold on my cheeks.
– I am excited to try a new recipe for dinner.
– I am happy to have enough energy today to go out, take a walk and to cook again.
– I took some beautiful photos yesterday, trying out a feature of the camera that I had not until yesterday.


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