Being grateful

A list of the things in my life that I appreciate.

– my husband for staying at my side even when it got/gets very tough, for making me smile everyday, for making me laugh as much as possible, for making me see the positive things in life again, for making me trust again

– my sister for being such a wonderful person, for being honest, for being careful not to hurt me and still trying to open my eyes, for her wonderful dry humor, for being thoughtful, for seeing and appreciating all the little things

– my Dad for being calm, honest, open-minded, for hugging me when I need it, for being the father I have always wished for, for listening even if he is tired of the topic, for being kind, patient and for never giving up hope and always believing in the good part of a person

– for Mrs. S. who probably saved my life, who made me healthy and stable again, who is hopefully watching me with a smile, thank you for everything!

– all the things that have happened so far in my life because they made me stronger, shaped me, made me the person I am today, and led to the life I am living right now which is just wonderful I have to admit; I have never been this calm and content in my life before

– for this pregnancy because it healed me even further, because it gave me the time to reflect, to come to terms with some issues of the past, to finally get to know myself better, to enjoy being on my own once in a while without being afraid, to reflect on my nutrition and cook healthy, delicious meals every day

– for being able to test bake for Laurie Sadowski which has been a wonderful experience because it has taught me so much about gluten-free, vegan baking, and through which I have got to get in touch with a very lovely person namely Laurie who is very professional in what she does and she has this feeling for what works and how to bring it to perfection

– for getting into yoga, for having consistently tried to find a teacher/class that fits me, it gives me a new perspective and helps me to stay calm and stable and to appreciate life as it is

– for participating in the 21-Day Meditation Challenge for Creating Abundance; I have noticed changes already and it gives me calm and trust as well

There is a lot more I am grateful for but these are the most current things that I can think of. Perhaps I will add some more to the list.



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