Love, Forgiveness, Helplessness

How do you cope with being punished, not accepted as you are and feeling love for that very person still? It is extremely difficult for me today to do this meditation because I feel love for this person. I would forgive this person instantly if I got a “I’m sorry, I’ve made many mistakes” and if this very person got professional help. Since I know this person very well there is the possibility that this will never happen. So I might have to keep hoping forever and meanwhile watch this person get mentally sick. I am even willing to forgive this person without asking me for forgiveness because I know deep down inside this person is good. But if I let this person back into my life without getting professional help, I would not be able to cope with it. Therefore, I will have to be patient and wait and hope for a miracle and stay in this feeling of helplessness and powerlessness.


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