On November 25th, 2012 was the calculated date of birth of our little daughter. Now, it is the fourth day that has almost passed and Daniel is at home since Tuesday which is perfect and great. I am so happy to finally have him here and get some stuff done before the little one arrives. We got in touch with our insurance to get some final steps done here. Then we tried to get a table and chairs but they did not have them at Ikea yesterday so we ordered them online. We have been doing some final touches around the apartment. I finally managed to actually pack some clothes for the stay at the hospital in a bag. I had collected everything so far but I am still wearing most of the clothes.

The last couple of days were quite grey and rainy so it was not that much fun to get outside. Daniel started cooking again which is great and I am learning to let him cook again. He is very inventive in the kitchen and mixes some spices in which I would not normally put into a tomato sauce but it tastes great and it is his style.

We went to my gynecologist yesterday to have a last check by her. I am not sure if I will stay with her because there were several moments when I thought that I should change the doctor. First of all, she is also my mother’s doctor. This would not be a problem if I knew that she is totally neutral but there was an incident with my sister which showed me that she is not. My mother also knows very well how to get people on her side. Due to some visits at the hospital because of some bleeding during my pregnancy I got to know different gynecologists and there was one who showed me how to be treated differently (warmer and with more explanations). I like to ask questions so I understand why things happen the way they do and with my current gynecologist I never get a satisfying answer. It feels like rushing in and out of the practice. I will have my final checks after giving birth and then try out another one whom my midwife recommended to me.

These are the thoughts that are lingering on my mind during these days. I am very excited what the close future will bring. I just want to snuggle our little girl. Smell her, feel her, kiss her and watch Daniel with her.


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