Long time, no see

I have not been writing any posts because live has been busy and still is but today I feel like writing down some thoughts which were hunting me some minutes ago.

I am asking myself why I need to try to get pity from other people to feel good or acknowledged. Meaning, why do I need to complain instead of being satisfied with the moment. I had a wonderful day with my wonderful daughter and yes, I am exhausted now but instead of being happy and satisfied with how the day went I still felt this self-pity in me which somehow was not necessary. When I think about it, it seems like self-pity comes from a place of expectations. Therefore, if I do not expect or wish for things to be different then I do not need self-pity because everything went just the way it should.

If there is anyone reading this and has some thoughts about it, please let me know. If not, it is fine as well because to me things have cleared up a lot and I feel much lighter.


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