Meditation Challenge

Reflect on the transformations you’ve experienced so far. What shifts have you noticed in your life?

– Every time I meditate in the morning or throughout the day I feel more at peace it myself and life in general. I am more patient. I am more aware of my reactions and much calmer. I see the positive things even in annoying moments and I am able to laugh about them because they seem rather funny than annoying or bad. I am more forgiving I’d say. I take difficult moments less personal. Over the weekend I did not find, well I did not take the time, to meditate and rest. All of a sudden I felt less connected to myself. I got annoyed by a little child and all the noise around me. I lost my focus. I also tried to force and push more instead of stepping back and watching and letting go.

How have you cultivated a greater sense of gratitude for the abundance you currently enjoy?

– Absolutely. I see and experience so many beautiful things throughout the day and to note down these moments every day clearly helps me to be aware of them each and every day. It helps me to stay in the moment instead of worrying and thinking too much about the past and the future. Writing a kind of diary of positive moments is a perfect tool for me and is something I would like to keep up.


Envision an everyday miracle you’d like to have happen in your life. Consider your circumstances as they are now and how you’d like them to be.

– I want to wake up with a smile every morning. There was a time when that used to happen but it got lost somewhere on the way. My current circumstances make it happen way more often. I want my smiles to come from my satisfaction inside of me. I want to see all the beautiful colours of life surrounding me. I want to wake up with a feeling of peace and satisfaction.

Paying attention to your body, notice how you feel when you think about your current circumstances and when you focus on your dreams.

– Looking at my current circumstances I feel a mix of joy, curiosity, nervousness and sadness. When I focus on my dreams, I feel very light, joyful, filled with warmth, safety, energy (I want to get moving and make them come true). I also feel impatient, I want them to come true now, in this moment so I need to calm myself and be patient in order to not overlook another opportunity that might show up.

Positive moments Sunday:

– Cleaning the apartment; I never liked to clean up but for some time now I like how it feel if things are in their place and the rooms are emptied of all kinds of trash. This is a very new transition to me.
– I had a moment shortly before our friends arrived when I thought that there was not enough cake to offer so I managed to try a new recipe (Jelly Donut Cupcakes) from Veganomicon which was delicious and I felt so proud because I changed the recipe to my liking and put on a wonderful frosting from the Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook. I felt so proud that I am able to just adapt a recipe and make it in no time. It makes me feel so self-confident and gives me so much pleasure.
– Having our friends at our place with their little girl who made us smile and laugh. We said goodbye knowing next time we meet we will have our little girl with us. That filled me with excitement.
– Having a caring and understanding husband.



Consider a situation that feels like a failure or a setback.

1. situation

– I considered not finishing my training as becoming a chef as a huge failure at the time I quit but it was necessary because I could not handle it psychologically anymore. I felt trapped, used and as a looser.

From that perspective, try to identify opportunities that could put you on the path to success. Write down the steps you can take to make your vision a reality.

– I still do not want to close this path because I have a feeling nutrition/cooking is a passion within me.  I just need to look around and take several options into consideration and try out some things. I have been thinking about doing a class about holistic nutrition counseling. I will go to an information event on Wednesday to find out more about it. I am also considering to see a nutritionist to get a better understanding about their job and perhaps talk about some possibilities. But one step at a time.

2. situation

– I am a very sensitive and emotional person. If a situation is stressful it totally takes over my body. I had a situation in the supermarket where a little girl was totally annoying, perhaps she was tired and hungry and her voice just killed me. I was getting really upset and felt my pulse getting high. I do not like if that happens because there will be a little girl in my life soon and she will test me endlessly.

– To lead this situation to success, I could try to stay focussed and watch the situation from outside to not let it take over my emotions. I sometimes manage to do that and it really helps not to get drawn in.

Positive moments on Saturday:

– having time to talk with my husband
– a visit from my sister; we had a wonderful talk and time
– making dinner for my husband and my sister; I always love their reactions regarding the food I make; it makes me smile
– doing errands with my husband; it is much more fun to run around, get all the stuff and at the same time enjoying his presence; it feels like combining something that needs to be done with fun

One situation I’d like to change.
– Since I graduated from university, i have been on a search for the perfect job/task and for ways to finally live abroad (my dream has always been the US). Regarding jobs I have tried almost everything I thought might fit in a way. Project management, training as a chef, baking cakes in a little café, going back into the office first as office manager then as executive assistant, then working as a freelancer to perfect processes in different areas. I left all those opportunities because either they did not fulfill me and/or I let them use me to a point I did not want to handle it anymore and left.

My intention.
– I want to find a job/task that I am passionate about, that lets me go/move to other countries (US, Hawai’i would be my first choice), that fulfills me, where I even might be my own boss, a job I can live from, that lets me grow further, and makes me come home with a smile on my face and I do not want to be/feel used anymore, I want to get back what I give and I have a lot to give. Perhaps something with nutrition, well-being, yoga or even a combination of all of it.

I could envision myself teaching people about food, nutrition, cooking, and at the same time including physical activities that help nourish the body and the mind. I envision myself with my family being on Hawai’i (Big Island) watching the sunset from our home where we have wonderful people coming to stay with us and being taught a holistic healthy lifestyle. This I feel in the depths of my heart and my self is something I am passionate about.

Positive moments:

– I smiled thinking about my wonderful future; painting a vision of how the future I dream of looks like
– feeling deep love for my husband; who is the most wonderful and caring person; who has helped and supported me for over two years to get us to where we are now
– touching and smiling at my growing belly and enjoying the feeling of having my baby inside
– more test-baking for Laurie; extremely delicious tartes! Looking forward to try more as long as I have the time
– enjoying a nice walk, talk and dinner with my husband

A situation in which the thoughts and beliefs of others have shaped my perception.
– when I graduated from high school I did not know what I wanted to do for a living; I wanted to become an artist or do something creative and to get out of this country first in order to find what I was yearning for; I got talked into going to university right away, choosing major and minor classes which I was not passionate about but which were acceptable for me; since then my way in life has been traced with acceptable jobs

What have I been choosing in this situation?
– I have been choosing to stick with the thoughts and beliefs of others on what would be best for me from their point of view instead of being strong and willing enough to go my way; in a way I relied on them instead of relying on me, I was not able to trust my inner voice at that time

A new scenario of this situation:
– I go to the US as an aupair experiencing another culture, a different life, cutting myself off the influence of my parents and gaining confidence, trying new things, finding what my heart is yearning for. I come back after a year and going my way, making experiences based on my decisions , living life with passion, it might not always be easy but it is the way I chose

What new choices can I make from now on?
– I want to find out what my real passion is and if there is a way to live from that passion or if it can be included in my life in a way that makes me happy and love what I am doing. I do not want to choose acceptable things anymore but want to make choices to which my heart says yes. My heart chooses the right things because they come from my self and not from some outer influence.

Positive moments:

– I got a new haircut, simple but makes me look fresh again
– breakfast with my hubby
– yummy lunch and breakfast, I just love food
– little, strong feet stretching my full belly, oh how much I love this little person already
– got a cute little gift from the hair stylist for our little one, a wooden baby’s rattle hand-made
– prenatal yoga class
– having a wonderful (non-biological) father who cares
– I am so thankful to take the time and meditate with the help of Deepak Chopra, it makes me feel light, happy, like I am on the right track
– having a partner who makes me laugh and smile each and every day
– feeling my baby interact with me, tickling her feet

What do I want to be changed in my life and how do I envision it?

– I wish I was more self-loving, confident, self-accepting, positive-thinking
– I want to accept and respect myself for who I am, I want to feel and know that the way I am I am totally fine. I want to think more positively, being more conscious about the things I have and can be grateful for, I want to see the glass as being half-full, I want to be more confident and try out things so I can find my purpose, my way in life

Positive moments:

– saying good morning to my baby by stroking my belly and feeling her answer, enjoying and yearning for her every move throughout the day, even if it hurts underneath my ribs
– having an appointment with a new hairdresser tomorrow
– I am thankful for this meditation challenge since it makes it so easy for me to put my thoughts out into this world on my blog
– falling leaves
– leaves running uphill
– I smiled at a little old lady and she smiled back at me, she was so cute
– being able to eat, cook, and live as healthily as possible
– trying to make raw brownies from MImi Kirk
– enjoying our Wednesday evenings with my hubby, seeing him enjoy our daughter’s movements and feeling her reacting to his touch, she wobbled around in my belly, so amazing how they both interacted
– putting a smile on my granny”s face by sending her a letter with a copy of the 3-D pics of our little one, so lovely
– talking to my sister and my friend who just moved to Munich

That is a difficult question for me. Things have changed a lot during this past year so I have to differentiate between what I needed months ago and what I need now.

I think it is still the same. I need more love for myself. I want to love and accept the person I am. Therefore, I need to be more patient with myself. Yes, I think that sums it all up.

Positive things that have happened to me throughout the day:

– I went to prenatal yoga which always makes me calm down and feel less stressed in general
– I was happy to feed my hubby’s coworkers with healthy desserts which I made from the new cookbook Crazy Sexy Kitchen
– I managed the second day of meditation with Deepak, I mean it is not that difficult but I need to take time to think and read about it first, I feel how full of thoughts I am although I have definitely got calmer during the last months
– I took a walk after my yoga class and bought some things in preparation for the upcoming birth, the sun came out once in a while and I just loved to walk in this chilly autumn weather with all the warm colors and brisk air
– waking up with my hubby every morning and cuddling every night
– going to the movies to watch the new James Bond movie, loved it, we went there with my hubby’s coworkers and there are a funny, hilarious bunch
– talking to my sister on the phone knowing she is doing well and asking me for some vegan dessert options to bring to a dinner with her friends